Video: WMA Area 4 Member Spotlight: PFC Veronica Potter (USMCR)


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2018 Veronica Potter @ the IL-2 Blanche S. Osborne chapter meeting (Front right)

Where and when did you enlist?

I enlisted in 1944 to 1946, we enlisted for the duration of the war. I enlisted in Pittsburgh, my place of birth.

Where did you go to Bootcamp?

Camp Lejeune, N. Carolina, Since I had never travelled anywhere else, seeing Palm trees and the south was memorable to me.  I also found out that I am stronger than I thought.  Memorable also was sharing each incident with so many women and being accepted by them. And realizing that patriotism was accepted by the North and the south as one, it brought us together, I made many friends in the Corps, but unfortunately circumstances time has taken over and only a few are available at this time.

What did you do after you enlisted?

I was a teenager at the time and it was my understanding that we were to takeover the clerical, to release the men to go to war.  It was the only thing that I could do, so that’s what I did, office work.

Why did you choose the Marine Corps?

I did it on a dare, a women I worked with joined the Navy, and, I was jealous and wanted attention, so I said, well, I could join The Marines… so My friends laughed and they dared me to enlist….and I did.  At that time, we had to be 20 years old, and I was 17 going on 18, but, with some maneuvering, I was accepted for the duration of the War, and I won the dare and enjoyed almost all of my time in the Corp

Most Memorable experience?
Memorable… It is difficult to remember, I loved being a Marine, proud to be doing what I could for the USA.  I was so proud that I was accepted being a Marine, my family was proud, I grew up a lot, but rarely was unhappy and I was so proud that I could be a part of the War and Center Stage.

I remember marching when important guests would visit, if I remember accurately the President or his wife visited. So proud marching with all of my friends, WOMEN Marines, my friends.

Chapter Affiliation: IL-2 Blanche S. Osborne


On February 17th, 2019, the Area 4 Conference was held in Columbus Ohio. The group of Marines from Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana came together and celebrated the 76th Anniversary of the USMC Women’s Reserve. 

The group sent her a quick shoutout to thank her for her service. Semper Fidelis Veronica Potter.