Startup Kit & Duties of Elected Officials


  1. A minimum of five Marines that are WMA National Members  are required to start a chapter. (Sign up here to join the WMA)
  2. Complete the NEW WMA ChapterStartUpKit  and send it to the WMA National Secretary, her email address is:
  3. Once the application is received, you will be assigned a unique chapter designation (I.e. GA-2).
  4. Once all forms are submitted including Bylaws and Standing Rules, the documents will be reviewed by the Bylaws committee for national approval.
  5. Apply for your chapter Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS. Applying for an EIN can be done online and only takes a few minutes.
  6. Send a copy of the EIN forms to the National Secretary and the National Treasurer.
  7. The Public Relations Officer (PRO) can help you craft press releases for your area as well as flyers. She will also help you advertise thru social media.
  8. Once the members selects a name for the chapter, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) will assign an email address for the chapter. (i.e.


Duties of Elected Officials

  1. President. Ensure all business associated with the National Board is adhered to. Ensure all elected and appointed officials in this chapter are carrying out the duties to which they were assigned. Ensure this chapter is following the guidelines of the National Board.
  2. Vice-President. Be available and be able to perform the functions of the President in the event the President is not able to physically or mentally perform her duties.
  3. Secretary. Responsible for recording and submitting the meeting minutes for each chapter meeting. Responsible for ensuring all members who were tasked with an assign­ment carry out the assignment or find a suitable replacement. Submit annually by June 1st a listing of chapter officers to the Membership Secretary at
  4. Treasurer. Submit a quarterly financial report to the Chapter President, Vice-President, and Secretary. Must be able to speak to the status of funds at each chapter meeting.
  5. Historian. Be able to organize, file and keep the history of the chapter in photo albums or equivalent. This will include biographies of each chapter member.
  6. Chaplain. Be available to any member of the chapter via phone, email or in person, whichever is more convenient, when the member is in a time of need. This person will also be giving the prayer at the beginning of each chapter meeting.