MI-2 Motor City Chapter

MI-2 Motor City East Michigan and the Metro area

The Motor City Chapter actively supports the community and the troops serving overseas through “Operation Caring Friends”. Meetings are held quarterly in the Detroit Metro area.

The WMA is a civilian non-profit veterans association comprised of women who have served or are serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps regular or reserve components.

Since 1918, American women have answered their country’s call to serve. We have served proudly with distinction and honor; each generation evolving but always retaining our proud traditions. The Women Marines Association is the only veterans association for and about women Marines. We have gone from “Free a Man to Fight, ” to being with our fellow Marines in every clime and on every shore. 


CHAPTER EMAIL: mi2motorcity@womenmarines.org

PO Box 1955  Belleville, MI 48112


SECRETARY: Sylvia L Riley
TREASURER: Adrianne D Mclarahmore


2019 Meetings

9 Feb – Testa Barra Macomb Twp
17 Feb – Area Meeting Columbus Ohio
13 April –
20 July – Statewide meeting in Lansing.
?? Aug – Picnic
?? Nov Veteran Dinner McCormick and Schmicks Troy (Please note a Sunday usually)

2019 VA Donut Hours 🥯☕️🍶
Sunday, April 14, 2019
Sunday, August 11, 2019
Sunday, Sept 15, 2019
Sunday, November 17, 2019
Sunday, Dec 15, 2019

2019 Events
16 March Packing for our troops Masonic Temple
11 May – Hero Day Macomb Mall
?? Sept Golf outing Greystone Romeo
23-25 Aug – WMA IBM


2018 Events

11 Nov
9:30am Donut Hour at the VA
2PM McCormicks and Schmicks in Troy. Dinner is FREE for veterans but please be generous with a tip. Spouses may attend but will pay for the meal they choose.
17 Nov Flyer attached Packing for our troops

Military Packing Drive

Romeo Masonic Temple, Romeo MI  10am to 2pm

It is that time of the year again. Watch the sales and clip your coupons!

We need all of the basic hygiene items, high protein snacks, candy (After Halloween Candy sales), dark socks, lip balm, cleansers for women for their face and hair. Even when deployed they must maintain all hair standards so hair gel is very appreciated.

Gum, Lifesavers, Mints (blister pack gum is best because of the intense heat)
· Fruit: individual serving size cans of fruit, dried fruit
(Note: Plastic fruit cups with the plastic seal are not recommended as they can open in transit; individual-size cans are preferred.)
· Nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, trail mix
· Power bars, protein bars, nutritional bars
· Beef jerky, beef summer sausage (nonperishable; labelled USDA Beef)
· Single-serving bags of snacks, crackers, chips, snack mixes
· Pop Tarts, cereal bars, “milk & cereal” bars, granola bars
· Ramen Noodles, Cup-O-Noodles serving cups
· Ravioli and other canned ready-to-eat meals (canned or styrofoam single serving are best)
· Tuna lunch kits (includes foil pouch of tuna, crackers, and condiments in each single-serving kit)
· Canned sardines, smoked oysters
· Torengos® nacho-style chips and canned nacho cheese dip
· Jalapeno Velveeta® and crackers
· Coffee, coffee mixes, tea
· Hot cocoa mix
· Lemonade mix, Koolade mix, Tang, Iced Tea mix
· Gatorade mix (powdered only)
· Crystal Light (or other brands)
*Baby wipes for personal hygiene (alcohol-free)
· Liquid body wash (no pump-style dispensers)
· Liquid hand sanitizers (no pump-style dispensers)
· Disposable hand sanitizing wipes

· Throat Lozenges
· Gum, Lifesavers, Mints
· Eye Drops (to relieve dry eye, not redness)
· Blistex, Chapstick, Carmex (in sticktubes rather than tubs)
· . Cotton socks, black, green, or white
· Boot liners/insoles
· Odor eaters for boots
· Lotrimin AF or Tinactin for athletes foot
(Not the aerosol spray type)
· Medicated Foot Powder, Medicated Foot Swabs Moleskin (for pads on sore feet, you’ll find it with Dr. Scholls type things at WalMart or drug stores
If you know of a servicemember serving overseas please email or drop the name and complete current mailing address at Rule62 Cafe
Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to participate in this
project. If you bring a homemade card or letter please include your address on the document so they can send you a thank you if they want to.

The Food drive will benefit the VVA 154 Veteran Food Pantry. All non perisable foods are needed. Think holiday dinner. Also items such as coffee for the veterans who come in for help. If you bring it they will use it.

9 Dec Women Veteran Luncheon
11am Bavarian Lodge Inn Frankenmuth, Flyer attached.

Celebrating 100 years of Service

Bavarian Inn Lodge

1 Covered bridge Lane

Frankenmuth Mi

$30.00 per person in advance $32.00 at the door
Baked ham carved, scrambled eggs, fluffy pancakes,
Frankenmuth® Chicken, Frankenmuth dressing, whipped
potatoes and gravy, vegetable du jour.
A salad table including tossed salad with assorted toppings
with Italian and ranch dressing, two seasonal salads, and
A dessert table featuring a seasonal fresh fruit tray, assorted
baked goods, apfel strudel, chocolate mousse, and whipped
cream. Your choice of coffee, tea, milk, or soda.

Speakers to be announced
Tribute to our WWII Veterans
Gift bags
RSVP MI2@womenmarines.org
Mail your reservation in to:
WMA Motor City
PO Box 590
Romeo, MI 48065

Come the night before and experience Frankemuth- Michigans Little Bavaria.

My apologies if you get this more than once.